Introducing the INERTIA wrx Stealth Talon Lock System for the Road King Classic ® saddlebags.
Installation is fast and simple. Once installed the locking system is not visible except for the greater thickness of the emblem. The original factory emblem is retained and converted into a dust cover. The tubular lock can be re-keyed to match your bike's ignition key. Assembly is usually accomplished in about 30-45 minutes for each saddlebag. This patented system provides the mos
t secure system available today

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The stock emblem is removed and recycled as a dust cover over the chromed billet backing plate.

The spring-loaded emblem is rotated up to expose the tubular key lock. The lock can be keyed to match the ignition/steering lock.

The rotary latch assembly is inside the bag lid behind the emblem. The original emblem holes are used to locate the latch assembly.

The stainless steel striker bolt is installed on the front upper edge of the bag base where it is captured by the rotary latch.

This photo shows the bag being locked. The striker bolt. The 360° capture of the striker bolt by the rotary latch prevents an intruder deflecting the bag to open it.

This photo shows the bag fully closed and locked. The lock mechanism is virtually invisible. That’s the stealth. The capture of the bolt is like an eagle’s talon. Stealth-Talon.

 Road King Classic Saddlebag - Part # 26750
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