Introducing the INERTIAwrx Stealth Talon Lock System for the Heritage Softail® saddlebags. It also fits a variety of leather bags. Installation is fast and simple. There are two sizes available; the RBL12 is for bags with a top opening between 12" and 14" wide, and the RBL14 for bags with a top opening greater than 14" wide. Assembly is usually accomplished in about 20-30 minutes for each saddlebag. This patented system allows for over-stuffing the bag while still locking the bags.

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The reinforcing channel strengthens the top of the saddlebag, providing 8 mounting positions for the ratchet bar. You can place the lock in multiple positions, either centered or off-center.

The spring-loaded ratchet bar is folded out from its stored position in the inside top of the bag lid and placed in the ratchet bar guide.


The ratchet bar guide shown above guides the ratchet bar into perfect alignment with the lock without actually having the see lock.


The ratchet bar is guided into our patented lock system. The ratchet bar allows numerous positions in 1/16" increments for overstuffing the bags.


This photo shows the bag locked, with about 3” of additional vertical space for securing larger items.

This photo shows the bag fully closed and locked. Notice that the lock mechanism is very compact so it takes up very little precious storage space.


The photo above shows the changes to the bag top's appearance for the installed lock system. It is virtually invisible.


The photo above shows the changes to the bag's front appearance for the installed lock system. It is invisible but blends well with the leather bag.


The RBL lock system reinforces the soft leather saddle bag whether Heritage or other after-market bags to help maintain the look of the bag while providing exceptional security for your valuables.

Heritage Softail Saddlebag - Part # 26751

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