Introducing the INERTIA wrx Stealth Talon Lock System for the H-D Road King Classic® tour pack and also fits the Heritage Softail tour pack bags. Installation is fast and simple. The kit comes with a template to drill the six, ¼" holes required to mount the ratchet bar assembly and the lock mechanism with ratchet bar guide. Assembly is usually accomplished in @15-20 minutes. This patented system allows for over-stuffing the bag while still engaging the lock system.

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The photo above shows the installed ratchet bar. It is spring-loaded so that it stays tucked up along the inside surface of the bag’s top. The numerous teeth allow the bag to be overstuffed
and still locked.

To lock the bag, the ratchet is rotated down from its stored position and slid into the ratchet bar guide.

The ratchet bar guide shown above guides the ratchet bar into perfect alignment with the lock without actually seeing the lock.

This view is from the inside of the bag looking toward the front. It shows the bag completely closed and locked.


The photo above shows the additional ratchet bar length showing just how much the bag can be over-stuffed and still
locked. The lock is just beginning to engage the ratchet bar as shown here.


The installation is simple and quick. The only visible changes to the bag are the two rivet screws on top of the bag for the ratchet bar, and the two rivet screws holding the lock and cover plate in place.


 Road King Classic Tour Pack Saddlebag - Part # 26753

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